Monday, February 27, 2012


You will have to face certain facts from time to time while occupying this fallen world but you have every right (as the righteousness of Christ) to deny those "facts" the right to stay. 

You are a blood bought child of the King of all Kings; You are heir of your Father, God and co-heir with Jesus Christ; You are the head and not the tail; You are above and not beneath; You are blessed coming in and blessed going out.          

So, go ahead and face the facts but accept only the report of the Lord! 

Watch your words. God created the entire universe using words...
                     ...don't claim sickness, disease, poverty or any other bad fruits. 

Claim only what is your inherited promises: divine health, protection, prosperity. 

Speak only what God would speak concerning you. 
Would your Father introduce or describe you as - 'the sick one,' 'the poor one'...No, He sees you only how we are to be which is strong, whole, bold and pure...this is what Jesus accomplished for us all. 

Pray that you would see yourself as God sees you and suddenly your problems will shrink.

Your words have power, choose them wisely. 

God Bless